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Taxi solution

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Product Name:
Model: TAS1
Origin: TTAS

Positioning device management taxi:

Taxi fleet management are positioning device is the best option being selected taxi business enterprises because of the following advantages:
• The operator who knows the car closest to the customer to the car;
• Monitoring the car there or not;
• Monitoring switchable clock charging;
• SOS button signs in a convenient location to the driver alert the operator when there is danger;
• Managers can hear the sound in the car anytime by phone;
• The manager always knows where the car is, car running or shut down the computer, where, how many kilometers, smoke pouring Management and fuel consumption etc.
Daily, weekly, monthly and have their detailed report through the management and supervision of our journey.
For complete security, TTAS company installing the management server monitoring system located in the business, and separate programming on demand.
- Monitoring the vehicles or not;
- Monitoring switchable charging system;
- SOS alarm button;
- Monitor open and close the door;
- Monitoring the location, address, speed, or off the machine, park downtime;
- Smoke poured Monitoring, fuel consumption.
- Position the remote monitoring over the phone or Internet-connected computer;
- Manage the driver card or message;
- Memory storage of the vehicle when the mobile wave.
- Support memory card to store car journey to 4G (approximately two years);
- Save the details of the car for 90 days and can look back on the car on the map at all times;
- Positioning accuracy <10 meters;